Launching Frankie The Mobile Coffee Van - Walthamstow Wetlands Centre

We have returned to our roots and launched Frankie our 1958 Innocenti Lambro coffee Van. Frankie was the first three-wheeler Caffe Lambro discovered whilst hunting rural Italy for hidden Lambretta scooters. Our close friend Giranfranco Mione told us that he had heard of a Lambretta abandoned in a barn near the Dolomite Mountains. The following morning we set off on the journey through the mountains and were greeted by an elderly couple at the gates to the barn Gianfranco guided us to. The coupled welcomed us into their home and in typical Italian fashion opened a bottle of home made red wine. We are still unsure if this is a tactic for us to buy abandoned rusty vehicles or a genuine sign of hospitality. They explained that the Lambretta was used on the farm but disused since 1983 and they bought a van. Immediately alarm bells were ringing as this area was agricultural and not a straight or flat road for miles, a two-wheeled Lambretta scooter would be of no use? As we opened the door to the barn we could see an off white van-type vehicle hidden amongst the tools, hay and dust. We asked ‘where is the Lambretta?’. The couple pointed at the off-white coloured van saying “Lambretta, Lambretta!’. We raised our eye-brows and thought it was a genuine mistake as they had confused a van with a motorbike. We pointed out the mistake but the couple insisted it was a Lambretta, so we began to clear the debris from the van and noticed a Lambretta badge on the front. We were scooterists and unaware that Lambretta not only produced two-wheeled scooters during the 1960s but also three-wheelers for commercial use. We bought it for the Lambretta history and the rest is history. The Caffe Lambro Journey began and we always intended Frankie (named after Gianfranco Mione who helped us find the Lambro) to be a coffee van. This month Frankie was restored to his former glory and adapted with a modern Sanremo Coffee machine to serve coffee lovers at Walthamstow Wetlands Centre, London.   


Bringing that Sparkle to the Big Day. Prosecco is now the British wedding toast of choice.

The Italian sparkling wine is now used to toast the bride and groom at 63% of British weddings, with just 8% choosing champagne. “The average wedding requires 44 bottles of sparkling wine and not only is Prosecco far better value for money, our customers say it’s easier to drink than Champagne,” said wine buyer for Laithwaite’s, Beth Willard. Prosecco is the perfect aperitif to commence the biggest day in a couple’s life as it resembles the essence of marriage. Prosecco is Italy and Italy is synonymous with marriage and family. Caffe Lambro bring Italy to your big day by serving our prosecco from our fleet of genuine Italian Prosecco vans. Our immaculately dressed staff pour the flash-cooled prosecco and serve direct to the guests giving your big day the personal touch. Contact Caffe Lambro to book your 2018 wedding service. 


Tonic Menswear grand opening - Portobello Road Market.

It was a privilege and a pleasure to be asked to provide the bubbles and beer for the grand opening of Tonic Menswear, Portobello Road London. With clients including Paul Weller and Noel Gallagher we jumped at the chance when asked to be a part of this great event. Portobello Road is a stones throw from our Shepherds Bush hub and we are familiar with Tonic from being friends with the owner Phil Bickley for many years. With an attention to simple details Phil stocks only the finest items from ranges of Woolrich, Edwin, Kestin Hare, Gant Rugger, Nudie Jeans, Sanders and Aspesi. Tonic’s menswear emphasises simplistic styles with luxurious fashions, a concept that rings true with Caffe Lambro and our Italian heritage. Ferdi the three-wheeled prosecco van was virtually hidden amongst the hoards of shoppers on a busy Saturday Portobello Market, but with his iconic Italian shape he complimented the fashions and clothing of those who attended to enjoy the new fashion range and enjoy a free glass of bubbles on a sunny September day. 


Festival Number 6: Portmeirion, North Wales - 2017

A 5 hour drive from London to Portmeirion was worth every single minute to reach our mystical North Wales destination. An experience not for the faint hearted was navigating through the Snowdonian National Park our 1964 Italian 3-wheeled prosecco van called Luca. He avoided sheep and steep cliff edges, skipping through Wales just as he had whizzed through the Dolomite Mountains in his past life. We situated Luca in the Central Piazza and he was completely at home serving flash-cooled prosecco amongst the Italian inspired architecture Sir Clough Williams-Ellis had designed and constructed between 1925-1975. Hearing the Welsh Male Voice Choir resonate through the Piazza with thier rendition of Elbow’s ‘Night Like This’ was a moment we will never forget. As the sun set and the mist rose off the estuary, the sound of belting male voices echoe through the architecture sent shivers down my spine. The magic which encompasses every corner of the this magical venue has us dreaming of what 2018 will bring.


Firle Vintage Fair, Lewes - 2017

Located in the quintessentially English South Downs, Firle Vintage Fair is a celebration of the beauty and antiuities of the past. Caffe Lambro are thrilled to have taken part having been invited to supply the bubbles for this event and we had a blast. Featuring a host of cherry-picked vintage stalls including; French Brocante, haberdashery and fashion, country interiors and gardenalia, plus croquet games and original 1880 Victoriana fair-rides to have a whirl on, Firle was everyhting vintage. Our 1958 Lambro Prosecco van Ferdi was very at home in the surroundings of the beautiful grounds of Firle Place, located within the South Downs National Park. The Savoy Kicks, a 1920's dance troupe based in Brighton, were a highligth for us and thier Charleston performance and teaching class left us litertally breathless. Live entertainment throughout the weekend including Temple of Artemis cat-walk, Swing Jazz bands, Solo artists and the Spitfire Sisters. The famous Windups Vintage DJs were one of the most popular elements of the festival which had  over 200 vintage car owners who shone up their bonnets and proudly show off to motor enthusiasts alike! 

Festival No.6 – 7/8/9/10th September 2017

Caffe Lambo are pleased to announce that we will be providing the bubbles at Festival No6. The festival is held within the grounds of Portmeirion, Gwynedd North Wales.  It was designed and built by Sir Clough Williams-Ellis between 1925 and 1975 in the style of an Italian village. Due to our genuine vintage Italian vehicles serving the finest Italian prosecco, the organisers of No.6 have invited to be a part of this spectacular event. When Beck headlined No.6, he was so blown away by everything he experienced he told the crowd: “This is the coolest, most surrealist, funkiest, freakiest, best festival in the world…”, The Guardian Newspaper quoted, ‘Festival No.6 rival Montreux as the most sophisticated in Europe.’. Our Prosecco van Luca will be found in the picturesque Italiante Village, so please feel free to come and say ‘Salute’. 

Lovebox & Citadel. Victoria Park - London 2017

What a weekend! Our little van Luca has been really busy of late due to the demand for his high volume prosecco pouring abilities. For such a small van he can distribute a vast quantity of prosecco due to him having a larger bar serving area.  With over 120,000 attendees Lovebox 2017 was fully loaded. Friday the masses arrived exactly on 5pm having finishing work and they headed to a gathering of like-minded people in the beautiful Victoria Park. Our little Prosecco van was the first destination for those gently getting into the mood of what would prove to be a fantastic weekend of Live music. Celebrating #15YEARSOFLOVE with Frank Ocean Friday, CHASE & STATUS Saturday and then rolling on to CITADEL Sunday, we had a full-on weekend. Sunday is typically billed as a ‘chilled’ day in Victoria Park, but this wasn’t the case for the Caffe Lambro staff as it would appear that our prosecco is the best way to both start and finish a festival weekend. 

Classic Italy brought to World Super-Middleweight Boxing Champion, George Groves’ celebratory party.

Caffe Lambro supplied the celebratory bubbles for the newly crowned WBA World Boxing Champion George Groves. As the sun shone on the wonderful location our flash-cooled bubbles, served from our vintage prosecco van Luca, was definitely the tipple of choice. At Caffe Lambro we are big boxing fans and closely followed George’s journey from amateur champion to world domination. We are also aware that one of his opponents, Eduard Gutknecht, suffered serious injuries during their contest and Caffe Lambro decided to donate all proceeds from the event to Eduard’s charity fund. George and his party were a pleasure to serve and we hope to see them all again soon, hopefully when he wins the Ali-Trophy in the World Boxing Super Series competition. 

Caffe Lambro Racing debut: 2017 Star*Sports Greyhound Derby, Towcester.

1st July 2017, the biggest Greyhound Race in the World, the Star*Sports Derby took place at Towcester Racecourse. Over 200 Top Grade greyhounds competed for over a month to be in the final six that got the opertunity to showcase thier talent in front of over 6000 punters who had come to be part of this momentus occasion. A build-up of live brass music, premium foods and drink available, those who attended instantly knew this was a Greyhound Derby like no other. As the sun began to fade and the night air breeze swept across the stadium, all eyes were focused on the track to witness the first Derby to be held at Towcester. Astute Missile was the 28-1 winner who gracefully crossed the line and pick-up the coverted Derby Trophy and the whopping £175,000 prize (the richest race in the world). Caffe Lambro's prosecco vans Ferdi and Luca were fortunate enough to have been invited to Towcester in order to serve the punters premium Italian Prosecco & beer. We are still on a high from the electric atmosphere and we are looking forward to 2018! 


Hastings Pier Food Festival 2017

As the temperatures soared and with the British summertime in full swing, Caffe Lambro were on hand to provide flash-cooled bubbles on tap from our prosecco van Luca! Over 10,000 foodies attended the 2 day event and Luca's state of the art cooling system was on hand to provide chilled prosecco to compliment foods ranging from hog-roast to vegan-vietnamese. Our bubbles are not only a fantastic match with our Italian heritage cuisine but dishes from across the globe. Made from Glera grapes our prosecco is young and light, with strong primary aroma. Unlike a champagne which can often have a strong secondary aroma and subsequent aftertaste, our prosecco does not linger on the pallet and is therefore a great aperitif to compliment foods alike. 

Parklife Manchester 2017 - 140,000 weather the storm.

Caffe Lambro had a fantastic debut at Parklife Festival 2017. The weather was not favourable to the 140,00 revellers who had braved the downpours to enjoy a fantastic lineup. However, those lucky enough to have VIP access had the opertunity to experience bubbles on tap from Caffe Lambro's vintage Italian van (Luca). We must admit that we did take time to view the acts and THE 1975 along with Frank Ocean were insperational. We would like to thank our event partners (The Warehouse Project) and we cannot wait to return in 2018!!