Lovebox & Citadel. Victoria Park - London 2017

What a weekend! Our little van Luca has been really busy of late due to the demand for his high volume prosecco pouring abilities. For such a small van he can distribute a vast quantity of prosecco due to him having a larger bar serving area.  With over 120,000 attendees Lovebox 2017 was fully loaded. Friday the masses arrived exactly on 5pm having finishing work and they headed to a gathering of like-minded people in the beautiful Victoria Park. Our little Prosecco van was the first destination for those gently getting into the mood of what would prove to be a fantastic weekend of Live music. Celebrating #15YEARSOFLOVE with Frank Ocean Friday, CHASE & STATUS Saturday and then rolling on to CITADEL Sunday, we had a full-on weekend. Sunday is typically billed as a ‘chilled’ day in Victoria Park, but this wasn’t the case for the Caffe Lambro staff as it would appear that our prosecco is the best way to both start and finish a festival weekend.