Festival Number 6: Portmeirion, North Wales - 2017

A 5 hour drive from London to Portmeirion was worth every single minute to reach our mystical North Wales destination. An experience not for the faint hearted was navigating through the Snowdonian National Park our 1964 Italian 3-wheeled prosecco van called Luca. He avoided sheep and steep cliff edges, skipping through Wales just as he had whizzed through the Dolomite Mountains in his past life. We situated Luca in the Central Piazza and he was completely at home serving flash-cooled prosecco amongst the Italian inspired architecture Sir Clough Williams-Ellis had designed and constructed between 1925-1975. Hearing the Welsh Male Voice Choir resonate through the Piazza with thier rendition of Elbow’s ‘Night Like This’ was a moment we will never forget. As the sun set and the mist rose off the estuary, the sound of belting male voices echoe through the architecture sent shivers down my spine. The magic which encompasses every corner of the this magical venue has us dreaming of what 2018 will bring.