Are You Dreaming of a White Summer Wedding?

All of this snow has probably got you singing Bing Crosby’s White Christmas in March, while you’re snowed in and bored, watching daytime television like This Morning (nice to see Holly and Phil have clearly gone sledging for a few days), not going for a run, and eating the rest of the wedding diet supplies in one hit. But don’t give up now!

Although it’s cold, remember it is actually March, and spring is just around the corner with cherry blossoms about to emerge and meet the sun. Seriously, it is. Summer weddings are fast approaching and all of this snow has probably got you thinking about the frosting of white that will color-coordinate your day – the perfect white dress, the icing on the wedding cake, clean crisp white shirts, and those pretty little flower girls scattering confetti.

All this thought of white weddings and the mayhem of this snow has presumably got you wondering whether the weather will grace your big day with sunshine, but no matter what the clouds are doing Caffe Lambro will be on hand to keep your guests happy. Our fleet of mobile prosecco vans are small, sweet and versatile, like sparkling wedding ninjas, which means we can work around any challenges to keep the prosecco flowing – out in the sunshine in all its glory, or splashed with rain, under gazebos, awnings, big tents or makeshift cover.  

The English weather has always been unpredictable and a summer wedding doesn’t guarantee glorious sunshine, but we will show up with bubbles regardless. Prosecco makes every party a showstopper, and our service will have your great auntie Shirley busting out the dance moves to have everyone joining in and laughing till the early hours of the next morning.

To top it all off, the light blue finish makes our van your something new, blue, and borrowed, as far as the bride is concerned, and with a glass of bubbly in her hand throughout the day we’ll put a smile on her face no matter what the obstacles. Come rain, shine, or snow, Caffe Lambro will make your big day unforgettable.

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