Our first Italian love was the Lambretta Scooter. With curved lines and iconic style it was the must have form of transport during the 1960s.  The Lambretta epitomised Italian style and innovation. Fernandino Innocenti, the founder of the Innocenti brand, believed there should be a low-cost vehicle for the working classes in post-war-Italy.  

He set his designers to task and from the factory on the banks of the River ‘Lambro’ that runs through the heart of Milan, they designed the two-wheeled Lambretta and the 3-wheeled Lambro. The Lambretta was designed for commuting and everyday use, whereas the three-wheeled Lambro was designed for commercial use.  

When we found our Lambros they were covered in dust and left in a sorry state for many years since production ceased in 1971.  We recognised that considering these Lambros were designed for commercial use, the Innocenti designers had maintained the aesthetic detail and what better way to display this beauty than to restore them for modern day use.

At Caffè Lambro we distribute only the finest handpicked Italian Prosecco, beer and coffee to compliment our historic Italian vehicles.