The Caffè Lambro journey began in the Dolomite Mountains of North Eastern Vicenza, Italy.  Sipping the finest of Prosecco and looking at the lights of Venice in the distance, we realised that the Italians had everything right.  They take pride in their appearance, drive the sleekest looking vehicles and dine on the finest food and drink. 

We had a vision to bring back to the UK the abandoned vehicles we found in the barns and garages of rural Italy, and resurrect them to their former glory. Using modern technology, our small fleet of classic Italian vehicles have been adapted to serve the finest Italian Prosecco, Beer and Coffee.


Our prosecco is made from Glera grapes. A young and light sparkling wine, making it the perfect drink for any occasion. Unlike champagne with it's complex secondary aromas, our prosecco has intense primary aromas which tastes fresh, light and comparitively simple.