Manufactured in Milan 1961, Ferdi is our signature three-wheeled Innocenti Lambro Series II. Named after Ferdinando Innocenti, the creator of the Innocenti legacy, Ferdi is a rare model with all original components and square box back. Ferdi has been restored to his former glory and modernised to serve classic Italian Prosecco Frizzante. Ferdi is a compact and small vehicle making him a perfect addition to your event or wedding and proven to hold his own in a large festival environment. 

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Manufactured in Milan 1965, Luca is a three-wheeled Innocenti Lambro Series II. Named after my close friend Gianluca Barone, the man who introduced me to Italy and all it’s hidden treasures. Gianluca was an integral part of our success in finding these Classic Italian vehicles. Luca the Lambro has been lovingly restored to his former glory and, like Frankie; with the flatbed rear we can adapt the vehicle to your own specific requirements, whether it is Prosecco Frizzanti or Italian Real Ale.



Manufactured in Milan 1959, Frankie is a three-wheeled Innocenti Lambro FLI175 Series I. Named after Gianfranco Mione, a close family friend who also shares a love for everything Innocenti. Whilst drinking Prosecco with Gianfranco in the Dolomite Mountains, the Caffe Lambro concept, ‘bringing you Classic Italy in Classic Italian Vehicles’ was created. Gianfranco found Frankie the Lambro in a barn and it was the first three-wheeler I brought back from Italy. Being an earlier model Frankie is even smaller than the other vehicles. You can add your own personal touches to Frankie’s layout and function due to him having a flatbed rear. Prosecco Frizzante, beer or even the finest Italian Coffee can be distributed from this little beauty.



Manufactured in Milan 1967, Enzo is a three-wheeled Innocenti Lambro 550N model. Named after Vincenzo Barone who shared many trips to Italy sourcing these wonderful vehicles. Enzo the Lambro is a much larger vehicle compared to the others. 9ft in long by 5ft wide, Enzo has a flatbed and can distribute Prosecco Frizzante, beer or both in a bar style layout or in a format similar to the others. Enzo was found in a barn and had not seen light for over 30 years and was therefore preserved. Although there are signs of his 60 years, we decided to keep Enzo’s natural beauty and rugged appearance. Enzo is the heavyweight of the Lambro vehicles and a favourite at large music festivals. 



Walter the Volkswagen Campervan is the anomaly of the fleet having been manufactured in Germany 1968. Being concieved in Germany he was immediately shipped to Treviso (Italy) and used on the same Vineyard where our DOCG Prosecco is harvested. During one of our tasting trips we found Walter abandoned and unloved in a garage at the vineyard. Being a German Volkswagen he wasn’t what we expected to find, but with his iconic charm and the fact that he might as well be Italian, we consider him the flagship vehicle in our fleet. He is big, stunning looking and can accommodate the biggest of parties. From Walter we can serve any range of products on tap, from a straight glass of fizz to a Pornstar Martini. Walter is well received at the biggest Music Festival to the quaintest wedding.  

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